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We are extremely successful at negotiating significant increases in the annual notional rent paid to GP practices.

Bryan explains his approach; “As a surgery valuer with many years of experience in this type of work, we understand that the Practice want to know that their notional rent assessment is correct. Every 3 years each practice has an opportunity to challenge the NHS notional rent review following the District Valuer’s review of the assessment. Our no win, no fee structure ensures that a thorough check of this is undertaken without imposing unreasonable charges on our clients.

As a smaller organisation we are able to share the benefits of our lower operating costs with our clients and this enables us to deliver excellent value for money to GP Practices”.

Please contact us if you would like our help in challenging your NHS notional rent review.

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Wootten Dean is an established property consultancy led by Bryan Wootten who has over 15 years of experience as a valuer and general practice surveyor. Bryan is an RICS Registered Valuer who deals with a range of property types and has a special interest and focus on the NHS primary care environment.

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