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NHS Notional Rent Increase Case Study
– Bishopgate Medical Centre, Bishop Auckland

NHS NOTIONAL RENT CASE STUDY – The GP owners of Bishopgate Medical Centre in the centre of Bishop Auckland have always been aware of the importance of managing their surgery premises efficiently; As Dr Paul Bowron noted “Not only is it important that our surgery provides a welcoming and practical base for the delivery of healthcare to our patients, we also need to ensure that our considerable investment in our practice premises is properly managed”.

When it was time for the 3 yearly review of their notional rent assessment, Dr Bowron understood the importance of instructing a chartered surveyor who was experienced in dealing with notional rent appeals “Bryan’s experience of negotiating surgery rents and his knowledge of the market for GP surgeries was clearly something that was critical to us as we sought to ensure that the level of notional rent fully reflected the value of our surgery”

Bryan was pleased to be able to secure a good increase in the notional rent for the GP partners. He reflected,

“I’ve always had a good number of GP clients in the North East, so it’s nice to continue to help practices in this part of the country as they seek to manage their surgeries efficiently. Since the 2008 downturn in the global economy, commercial property rents have been relatively stagnant and this has inevitably affected the levels of rent for GP surgeries. Thankfully, there has been something of a step change in market conditions over the past 18 months or so which has seen an increase in market rents for GP surgeries.

I was glad to be able to make sure that these increases were reflected in the notional rent assessment of Bishopgate Medical Centre.

I believe my experience of over 20 years of working in the primary care environment helps to provide positive results for the practices I work with.”

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