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GP Surgery Valuation Case Study
– Bradshaw Medical Centre, Wigan

Bradshaw Medical Centre

Bradshaw Medical Centre


The partners at Bradshaw Medical Centre in Wigan were seeking surgery valuation advice as a result of proposed partnership changes.

The practice manager, Evelyn, was keen to engage the services of a surveyor who had a genuine understanding of the primary care environment and was experienced in providing valuation advice relating to GP surgeries. Another chartered surveyor recommended she contact Wootten Dean as a firm who specialised in providing surgery valuation advice to GP practices.

Evelyn noted “On meeting Bryan and speaking to him about the value of our medical centre, it was clear that Bryan had a clear understanding of the factors affecting the valuation and that he would be able to provide the advice required by the partners”.

Bryan commented “our aim is to clearly explain our approach to the valuation of GP surgeries in our report; we seek to explain the influence of factors such as the notional rent assessment and the investment market for medical centres on the value of the surgery.  I hope our report to Evelyn and the partners provided an understanding of the approach we adopted when valuing Bradshaw Medical Centre”.

He added “I have been a Surgery valuer for over 20 years now and I believe this experience is helpful in ensuring the quality of the valuation advice provided to our GP practice clients. We also advise on notional rent appeals on behalf of GP practices which helps to ensure that the interests of our clients are properly represented when these assessments are reviewed”.


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