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If you have space in your surgery (or are able to extend) then you can partner with a pharmacy operator (or other complementary provider) who can provide you with a valuable source of rental income and – in some situations – pay a capital premium to the practice for the right to enter into a long-term lease agreement.

Wootten Dean understands the need for GP practices to make full use of their property assets, and as a result of their strong track record of negotiating property leases with pharmacy operators, is well placed to work with practices. We can help practices in the following situations;

If you are a practice who already owns your building and have a pharmacy operator as a tenant, then we have the experience and expertise to represent you during the lease rent review to ensure that you receive the full amount of rent due to you according to the lease.

If you own your surgery, then we can help look at the possibility of either reconfiguring or extending your surgery to create a pharmacy which in addition to improving services to your patients could prove to create a significant long term rental income for the practice.

We would be delighted to talk to any practice who are considering this possibility.

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Wootten Dean is an established property consultancy led by Bryan Wootten who has over 15 years of experience as a valuer and general practice surveyor. Bryan is an RICS Registered Valuer who deals with a range of property types and has a special interest and focus on the NHS primary care environment.

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