Wootten Dean are experienced in negotiating lease terms for pharmacy units within primary care buildings on behalf of NHS organisations, developer clients and other property owners such as GP practices.

New Build Opportunities

Whenever a new primary care centre is proposed, the prospect of the co-location of a pharmacy operator with GP practices is explored. There are two main benefits of this arrangement;

  • the delivery of complimentary services in a location accessible to the community.
  • Such a co-location usually improves the financial viability of the proposed scheme as a result of the commercial benefit of this arrangement to the pharmacy operator which is reflected in the lease terms that can be negotiated on behalf of the developer landlord.

Bryan has represented the developer landlord's interest on numerous new primary care schemes. As a result of his experience in this area of work he has been able to negotiate significant capital premiums and lease rents as part of the overall lease arrangements between the parties. A number of these arrangements have involved a formal tender process where interested parties have been asked to indicate the level of rent and premium, based on proposed lease terms and scheme details provided by Wootten Dean on behalf of the developer. For more information on the levels of terms agreed by Wootten Dean please do not hesitate to contact Bryan to discuss further.

Landlord Investors

We work with landlords of many primary care centres as they manage their properties to ensure that their portfolio is delivering an optimum return on investment. There are two particular elements of this which involves pharmacies;

  • Negotiation of rent reviews throughout the term of the lease
  • Internal building reconfiguration to create an opportunity for a new pharmacy tenancy. Over recent years Bryan has worked with owners of numerous Health Centres built in the 1980s and 1990s as they considered how best to refurbish their buildings. Through a considered review of the requirements of the building occupiers, internal reconfiguration has created additional accommodation to create a new pharmacy unit. The rent and premium received in such situations has proven to be an effective way of increasing both income and capital and has been a significant means of funding much needed refurbishment of ageing buildings.
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