Bryan Wootten is a surgery valuer  with a proven track record of providing friendly and professional advice to GP practices like yours. All of the services described below are undertaken personally by Bryan.

Negotiation of Reimbursement Rent due to the Practice

We are extremely successful at negotiating significant increases in the annual notional rent paid to GP practices.

Bryan explains his approach; "As a surgery valuer with many years of experience in this type of work, we understand that the Practice want to know that their notional rent assessment is correct. Our no win, no fee structure ensures that a thorough check of this is undertaken without imposing unreasonable charges on our clients.

As a smaller organisation we are able to share the benefits of our lower operating costs with our clients and this enables us to deliver excellent value for money to GP Practices".

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Partnership Valuations

A genuine understanding of the specialist investment market for GP surgeries is of fundamental importance in assessing the market value of your practice premises. As a surgery valuer of considerable experience in this area of work, Bryan is able to assist GP partnerships by provide accurate surgery valuation advice relating to partnership assets. Such advice is usually required where GP retirement or recruitments take place, and is important to ensure an equitable transfer of partnership assets. Read about the work Bryan has undertaken with a number of practices in the case studies below.

Bryan has an established working relationship with many practices throughout Yorkshire and the north of England as well as advising numerous other practices from further afield. 

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Rent reviews for GP tenants

The Premises Directions issued by the Department of Health now require GP tenants to agree the rent review with their landlord before NHS England will instruct the District Valuer to review the reimbursement rent due to the practice. For a number of reasons this amendment to procedures can prove problematic to Practices, not least because it can lead to the reimbursement rent being fixed at a lower level than the lease rent.  In order to ensure their interests are properly protected throughout the rent review process, practices are well advised to consider engaging the services of a surveyor with a specialist knowledge of GP surgeries. 

Bryan’s previous experience of representing Primary Care Trusts on the tenant side of rent reviews relating to GP surgeries means that he is well placed to represent practices at rent review. He has also successfully represented a number of GP practices through this process since the changes to the Premises Directions were introduced.

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Sale and Leaseback

The changing size and value of GP surgeries has meant that for some practices property ownership is seen as a burden, not least because the scale of debt required to buy into practice premises can become an obstacle to prospective partners. Because of this, many practices choose to sell their ownership of a surgery and 'lease back' the property to realise the value in the property.

Wootten Dean has a comprehensive understanding of this process and is well placed to ensure that practices receive full market value in such a transaction.

Pharmacy Colocation

If you have space in your surgery (or are able to extend) then you can partner with a pharmacy operator (or other complimentary provider) who can provide you with a valuable source of rental income and - in some situations - pay a capital premium to the practice for the right to enter into a long-term lease agreement.

Wootten Dean understands the need for GP practices to make full use of their property assets, and as a result of their strong track record of negotiating property leases with pharmacy operators, is well placed to work with practices. We can help practices in the following situations;

  • If you are a practice who already owns your building and have a pharmacy operator as a tenant, then we have the experience and expertise to represent you during the lease rent review to ensure that you receive the full amount of rent due to you according to the lease
  • If you own your surgery, then we can help look at the possibility of either reconfiguring or extending your surgery to create a pharmacy which in addition to improving services to your patients could prove to create a significant long term rental income for the practice.

We would be delighted to talk to any practice who are considering this possibility.

New Surgery Development Advice

We are experienced in all the different development options available to practices and are able to offer advice at all stages of the development process. The type of advice required by the practice will vary depending on the form of development chosen; it can include the completion of business cases to ensure NHS support; project management; developer selection; surgery valuation; site purchase and negotiation of reimbursement rent with the District Valuer. For examples of the work done with practices as they develop new surgery premises, see the case studies below.

We normally undertake this type of work throughout Yorkshire and the north east of England.

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For a brief, informal chat about how we may be able to help you, please call Bryan Wootten on 01904 410810 or email us.